Surveying and mapping

The most important basis of planning as well as subsequent monitoring is professional surveying and mapping of existing species. Our comprehensive knowledge of fauna, flora and geobotany as well as our many years of experience with respect to the incidence and special lifestyle of the various species all contribute to our work. For surveying very specific groups of species we can call on renowned experts with whom we have established a close cooperation over the years. Flora and fauna is mapped by means of recognised methods and according to tried and tested standards.

  • Mapping the quality of water body structure
  • Biotope type mappingĀ 
  • Usage mapping
  • Mapping of flora and vegetation
  • Surveying of fauna including special reports:
    • Birds (mapping of brooding, migratory and resting birds, surveying of tree hollows and lofty nests)
    • Dragonflies (visual observation, transect inspection, targeted searching for suitable habitat structures, capture)
    • Amphibians (visual observation, acoustic detection, possible use of animal sound mimicry, setting up weirs in waters, evidence of reproduction by scoop-netting of spawn/tadpoles)
    • Reptiles (visual observation, transect inspection, laying out and checking coverboards, marking and recapturing method and recognition of individuals through photo documentation)