Urban land use planning

The urban land use planning is one of the municipalities’ most important planning instruments as far as the controlling of the urban development is concerned. On a preparative level a Land Use Plan represents the characteristics of the ground usage for the entire municipal area. The Development Plans regulate the individual use modalities on the authoritative level by means of designations. The municipal authorities are liable to elaborate the Urban Land Use Plans.

Our team serves and supports numerous municipalities in developing Urban Land Use Plans, in particular the authorities of Hamminkeln, Wesel and Rees. We attend to the entire planning procedure ( in XPlanung data format ) including a preliminary draft over the early involvement of citizens and representatives of public interests, the inclusion of modifications and amendments, publication of the plan drafts and a well-reasoned balancing of conflicting interests as well as the finalizing procedure down to the legal force of the individual plan. Our portfolio comprises the elaboration of environment-related reports (EIA e.g.) and professional opinion reports on species conservation as well.