Water protection / flood prevention

Water protection has been implemented in the form of provisions in Europe through the European Water Framework Directive (WFD), which prescribes the quality objectives for bodies of water in the member countries. The objective is to stop and reverse the negative trend of watercourse development (structure, quantity and quality conditions, decrease in diversity and the natural state of aquatic fauna and flora).

The prompt implementation of the WFD involves a manifold need for action at the municipal, state and federal level. Our team of engineers, landscape planners and biologists will help you assess the structural quality of the body of water and prepare water body development concepts. We also provide you with our expertise in developing specific solutions for the restoration of water bodies and waterway construction, e.g. by planning fish ladders.

The objectives of sustainable flood protection include the conservation and recovery of flood polders, so-called retention areas. Dyke relocation, dyke restoration and dyke construction can contribute significantly to the security of the population. Such measures not only create numerous opportunities for nature and environmental protection but also for the development of tourism in the respective area. We can carry out and optimise the entire landscape planning process, from a comprehensive spatial development concept to planning special dewatering measures, including preparation of the required approval documents, through to ecological construction supervision.