Reports and studies

One of our core tasks is the drafting of comprehensive landscape ecology reports and studies. A variety of to some extent legally binding instruments with different points of focus are available for assessing the impact of a project on humans, nature and the environment. These instruments may be used in conjunction with expert reports to enable a comprehensive assessment of potential risks.

Our team thus prepares the environmental impact study (EIS) required as part of the environmental impact assessment (EIA), as well as the even more important accompanying landscape conservation support plan. Today most plans require an additional assessment based on species protection law. If so-called FFH areas or bird sanctuaries of the European Union are affected, a so-called FFH compatibility study must additionally be submitted. It is also useful to perform a feasibility study prior to the actual planning process when it comes to very special projects.

Our range of services includes an expert and in-depth review of these studies that will be able to withstand the test of the controversial decision-making processes.