Our goal in planning is to provide you individualised and comprehensive support, from the first preliminary considerations to implementation all the way to successful completion of a project. It encompasses all the planning levels and covers all the work phases of the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers).

The following overview shows a selection from our planning portfolio:

  • Project planning according to the work phases of the HOAIĀ 
  • Land-use and development plans
  • Regional management concepts (such as village development concepts, ILEK integrated rural development concepts)
  • Leisure and tourism concepts
  • Maintenance and development plans
  • Reclamation plans
  • Open space and green concepts
  • Park maintenance works
  • Expansion or restoration plans for bodies of water, including structural optimisation as per Water Framework Directive
  • Planning of flood safety and drainage
  • Support in the selection and securing of land for the extraction of near-surface raw materials