Regional planning / land-use planning

A targeted development of our rural areas, villages and urban districts requires an integrated approach. Social and cultural aspects have to be taken into consideration besides economic and ecological factors. An involvement of the local civil society into the development process is mandatory. Assisted by experts the ideas for development projects are formulated within civil assemblies, future workshops and working groups.

The elaboration costs of development concepts (such as Village Interior Development Concepts DIEK or Integrated Municipal Development Concepts IKEK) can be funded to 75% in the federal state of NRW. Upon submission of corresponding concepts the municipality is entitled to receive an elevated funding to implement the project targets. Private measures to village rehabilitation can only be funded upon submittal of a corresponding concept.

Our interdisciplinary team is ready to support you by elaborating a DIEK / IKEK concept but can also concretize the project ideas developed within the concepts and actively assist their implementation. This comprises the complete license planning as well as all steps from the compilation of the contract specifications to on-site quality monitoring.